How Do I Join?

You must call in person to any of our offices with €10.00 to activate the account.  The following documentation is required:


  • Photo ID – Current Passport or Drivers Licence
  • Proof of address (dated within the last 6 months) – Current Utility Bill or Bank Statement
  • PPS number on official documentation – please note we cannot accept the public service cards

Children: (Under 16)

  • Current Passport or Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Parent’s Address (dated within the last 6 months) – Current Utility Bill or Bank Statement
  • PPS Number on official documentation – please note we cannot accept the public services card
  • Current photo ID from parent opening the account

Joint Accounts:

All above documentation is required for both members.  Please note that from the 24th of February 2021 you are only permitted to have one joint account in addition to your single account.

Club Accounts:

Three officers of the Club/Society are required to open the Account.  We will need each officer to produce current photo ID, proof of address (within last 6 months) and proof of PPS number.

We will require a letter on the Club/Society’s official headed paper confirming the three persons are authorised to open an account on behalf of the club. The letter must also state that they are authorised to operate and withdraw funds from this account.

Proof of Address must also be given to forward correspondence relating to the Account.

* Please note 2 of the 3 officers must sign a share withdrawal form when withdrawing funds from the account.

If a signatory has already satisfied the ID requirements in relation to another account he/she holds with St. Brigid’s Credit Union, there is no need to provide proof of these details again for the club account.


Please be aware that our staff are obliged to comply fully with all aspects of the Criminal Justice Act and you will be asked for documentation when opening an account or if you change details on your account e.g. update your address.  All transactions, including foreign exchange, are subject to this Act.


Who Can Join?

Membership of St Brigid’s Credit Union is open to anyone who lives or works within our common bond area (please check with your local branch re our common bond area) and can include family members living in the same household of another person who is a member of the credit union.

Please Note: In compliance with the OECD Common Reporting Standard, which came into effect on 1st January 2016, St Brigid’s Credit Union Limited is required to seek information on the tax residency of its members.

To this effect, all new members must sign a self-certification relating to their Tax Residency and provide their tax identification number (forms available in the office)

Failure to sign this self-certification and provide this tax identification number will mean that St Brigid’s Credit Union will not be in a position to open the account for you.



Affiliation Fee

An annual affiliation fee is deducted from member’s accounts and is pre-approved at the AGM. The fee is payable to the ILCU (Irish League of Credit Unions).


  • Promotes the credit union ethos
  • Represents affiliated credit unions with Government, the Central Bank of Ireland, the EU and other agencies
  • Provides central services to credit unions