Home Loan

Home Loans

St. Brigid’s Credit Union accepts applications for home loans, which are defined as a loan made to a member secured by a first legal charge on the property in respect of which the loan is to be provided, for the purpose of enabling the member to:

(a) Have a house constructed on the property as their principal residence.

(b) Improve or renovate a house on the property that is already used as their principal residence

(c) Buy a house that is already constructed on the property for use as their principal residence.


(d) Refinance a loan previously provided for one of the purposes specified in (a), (b) or (c) for the same purpose.


  • Maximum Loan Amount €150,000
  • Maximum Term is 35 years
  • Maximum LTV: 75%
  • Maximum loan limit of 3.5 times gross annual income per Central Bank regulations
  • Interest Rate Applied: 4.5%


The credit union will assess all loan application on a case by case basis to ensure affordability and lend prudently in compliance with Central Bank regulations on residential mortgage lending.